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南山Turkey post

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南山Turkey post

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Detailed introduction

Brief introduction of Turkey post

The Turkey postal package is a cross-border e-commerce postal service co operated by Turkey post and Turkey airlines. Its service system is carried out by Turkey airlines as a domestic agent, transshipment to Turkey post through port ports (Hongkong / Guangzhou / Shanghai / Beijing), and transportation of customers' goods to their destinations by Turkey mailing international network. Port clearance is sent. To provide high quality, convenient and omnidirectional mail service for e-commerce sellers agents to meet the delivery needs of overseas international buyers.

The advantages of Turkey post

1) fast prescription: Turkey cross the two continents of Europe and Asia. It is the intersection of Europe and Asia, the traffic is well developed, and the time of time is better than the other services in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

2) can take live products and paste cosmetics: compared to some of the channels that can only take the general goods, Turkey postal package can take the built-in, supporting battery products, and some paste cosmetics, more favored by e-commerce customers.

3) priority service for customs clearance: special territory mail handling area in Turkey air cargo terminal. The flight can reach Istanbul quickly to clear customs and deliver goods safely.

Operational requirements

Can be connected to the product: you can take in battery, battery and other live products and some cream cosmetics. Reject battery, liquid, powder and offensive weapons; prohibit international airlines and other local laws prohibiting postal items.

Weight and volume limitation: only accept one ticket and one cargo, and the weight of single ticket is less than 2KG.

Maximum volume: square goods: long + width + high less than 90cm, unilateral length less than 60cm.

Reel cargo: two times the diameter and less than 104cm of the length, and the length of the single side is less than 90cm.

Minimum volume: square goods: surface size should not be less than 9cm * 14cm

Reel goods: two times the diameter and the length is equal to or equal to 17cm, and the unilateral length is more than 10cm.

Bantian site pick up time: 00:00 (Saturday only delivery, shipment on Sunday)

Notice of delivery: please put the single number on the front side of the goods before delivery, and post the delivery label on the outer bag after the bag, indicating the name of the company, the way of the goods, the number of goods and the total weight of the goods.

Turkey post

Turkey post

National reference prescription

Britain: 5-8 working days, Spain: 5-12 working days, Turkey: 8-12 working days, France: 6-12 working days, Russia: 8-14 working days, Switzerland: 6-8 working days, Italy: 8-12 working days, America: 8-12 working days, Sweden: 5-10 work days.

Insurance and compensation

The customers with higher value can choose to cover the project, the insurance cost is added to the 15RMB/ ticket, and the amount of insurance is declared according to the actual value of the goods. The maximum amount of compensation for the insured item is 895USD.

Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Germany, Garner, Britain, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sultan, the United States and so on 23 countries. No insurance service.

If there is any missing or damaged goods on the Internet, it can be submitted for inspection in 15 days. If the accident occurs, the freight will be compensated by the declared value, and the maximum value will not exceed 100RMB/.

After 30 days of lost or damaged goods on the Internet may be submitted for 30 days, the post office will return for 2 weeks for the return period of the post office, verifying the return of the freight for missing pieces or breakage, and the maximum amount of no more than 100RMB/, according to the value of the declaration. The insured items shall be paid in accordance with the insured amount, and the maximum amount shall not exceed 895USD.

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