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东莞TNT Post

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Detailed introduction

Brief introduction of Holland post

Holland parcel is a European shortcut business launched by TNT POST, which is specially designed for e-commerce sellers in Holland. The service is based on Holland, radiation throughout Europe, relying on the network of Holland post and the customs clearance system to create high quality regional packet services: good customs clearance, quick delivery and excellent inquiry.

The advantages of Holland post

1) postal clearance: the general line service is cleared by local customs clearance agents, with poor stability. The Holland parcel is responsible for customs clearance by Holland post. It belongs to the postal clearance channel and has good stability.

2) heavy cargo price advantage: Europe's major countries, 0.5KG above the goods compared to the market, the postal packet has obvious price advantage.

3) can take battery goods: compared to some of the channels that can only take the general goods, Holland postal package can be built in, supporting battery products, more favored by e-commerce customers.

4) a wide range of services: anywhere in the world where post offices are available (except in very few countries); convenient delivery, and can be operated on the client side.

Operational requirements

Can be connected to the product: it can take live batteries such as built-in batteries and matching batteries. (for other products, please consult our salesman alone)

Reject pure battery products; prohibit international airlines and other local laws prohibiting postal items.

Weight and volume limitation: only accept one ticket and one cargo, and the weight of single ticket is less than 2KG.

Maximum volume: square goods: long + width + high less than 90cm, unilateral length less than 60cm.

Reel cargo: two times the diameter and less than 104cm of the length, and the length of the single side is less than 90cm.

Minimum volume: square goods: surface size should not be less than 9cm * 14cm

Reel goods: two times the diameter and the length is equal to or equal to 17cm, and the unilateral length is more than 10cm.

Fuyong airport pick up time: 18:00 (cargo from airport connection to South China city operation)

Southern China City pick up time: 0:00 (Saturday only accept shipment, Sunday shipment)

Notice of delivery: please put the single number on the front side of the goods before delivery, and post the delivery label on the outer bag after the bag, indicating the name of the company, the way of the goods, the number of goods and the total weight of the goods.

TNT Post

TNT Post

Open up and compensation

1, the open check must provide the buyer and the seller on the platform communication about the screenshots and the dispute screenshots that have not received the goods. In the picture, the name of the buyer and the buyer, the addressee and the single number of the goods must be included in the picture. The opening period is 25-65 days from the date of Internet access (calculated on working days), and the reply period of the post office may be up to 3-12 months. The specific reply time is based on the post office.

2, if the post office operates the national error of the Internet, the opening period will be 30 working days from the date of Internet access, otherwise it will not be opened.

3, do not accept open check.

TNT Post

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