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DHL releases "Global trade barometer": Chinas maritime trade is expected to lose growth momentum.

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DHL releases "Global trade barometer": Chinas maritime trade is expected to lose growth momentum.

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In January 31, 2018, DHL, a global logistics giant, published the DHL Global trade barometer in Shanghai. Based on data analysis, although China's economic growth is the lowest in the world's seven economies, the prospect is still optimistic.

China Maritime Trade

The first release of the DHL Global trade barometer will be the vane of future global trade development, based on artificial intelligence, large data and forecast analysis, which points out that China's exports, especially consumer goods, mechanical parts and chemicals, will be the main driving force for the recent growth of China's trade. China's air volume continues to grow. However, the index also shows that China's maritime trade is losing its growth momentum due to the decline in demand for industrial raw materials in China.

China Maritime Trade

Mr. Liang Qiyuan, chief executive of DHL's global freight transport Asia Pacific region, said: "as China's economy is changing to a model driven by consumption and services, the growth of maritime trade has declined significantly. On the other hand, the index results of the DHL Global trade barometer also reflect China's efforts to promote and boost domestic consumer spending on high quality output to the world, and will achieve the expected effect on Trade and economic development as the core industries of automobile and industrial manufacturing are developing strongly. "

The DHL Global trade barometer also shows that the negative effects of the sea fall have been offset by the rebound in the export of major China, such as household goods, automobiles and mechanical parts. China's index of household goods and chemical products will continue to grow strongly, although fast fashion products will pressure China's export of air trade within the next three months.

China Maritime Trade

"Although investment in infrastructure has slowed, China's consumption and industrial exports are still strong, which suggests that China pays more attention to economic development rather than simple data growth. Global enterprises will still have the opportunity to purchase more high-quality products and raw materials from China. As the competition becomes more intense, they should begin to ensure the possession of an adequate air transport space, or the use of maritime trade for container transport of goods with lower requirements. " Mr. Liang Qiyuan added.

The DHL Global trade barometer, developed jointly by DHL and exon, is conducted by seven economies, including China, South Korea, Germany, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, to make a summary analysis of import and export data and to get a quarterly outlook for future trade. The total economic aggregate of these countries accounts for 75% of the global economy, and the analysis of its data makes the DHL Global trade barometer a vane that can effectively predict the development of the global economy in the short term. The DHL Global trade barometer is evaluating commodities that provide a basis for subsequent industrial production, predicting that the global economy will continue to grow in the next three months, even though the momentum is weakening.

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