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Air freight prices will rise in 2018. How much will your cross-border e-commerce business earn?

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Air freight prices will rise in 2018. How much will your cross-border e-commerce business earn?

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The voice of "high cost, no profit" has not stopped in the cross-border electricity supplier industry. This is not? As soon as 2018, the cost rose again, this time is cross-border logistics - FedEx took the lead in announcing the increase in price from January 1, 2018, followed by DHL, UPS, the United States Post, France post and Holland post and other multinational postal, express delivery companies, too.

In addition, more industry personnel forecast, the whole 2018, China's export aviation capacity and position is still tight, air freight prices will also show an upward trend. To address this problem, Liang Qiyuan, chief executive of DHL global freight Asia Pacific, said that the essence of the phenomenon is the imbalance between supply and demand of China's aviation capacity.

air transport

The development of cross-border electricity supplier market exacerbated the tension of aviation capacity.

From a macro perspective, the main reason for the continued tension in China's export aviation capacity and positions is the rapid development of cross-border electricity providers. The air demand for small parcels has increased rapidly. The seller wants to improve the consumer online shopping experience through a more rapid logistics and complete the transaction as soon as possible, while online shopping consumers are looking forward to receiving online shopping.

"A large part of cross-border e-commerce is the model of B2C. In recent years, with the rapid development of cross-border B2C business, it does affect the demand of express, postal, and even the distribution of the supply of air supply." Especially in the past 2017, the growth rate of the air transport demand end is far greater than the speed of the supply side - the main use of the small aircraft is the passenger, the following space transport capacity is limited, so the main view is the increase of large flights, but compared with the size of the growth of e-commerce, it is a cup of water. Liang Qiyuan preached.

Export aviation capacity is tight, in addition to the rapid development of cross-border electricity providers, the overall global trade rebound in 2017 is also an important factor. According to the barometer of DHL Global trade, Global trade and GDP have been declining since the 2007 financial crisis until last year.

Liang Qiyuan explained: "before 2007, GDP increased by 1% and Global trade increased by 3%. Since then, this proportion began to decline. By 2015 and 2016, this proportion was 1:1, that is, GDP growth was 1%, and trade increased by 1%. But since 2017, this proportion has increased again, GDP has increased by 1%, and trade has increased by more than 1%. The increase in trade volume is also one of the reasons for the tight aviation capacity last year.

In addition, the industry has said that, in addition to the increase in the demand for air transport capacity and position in the cross-border e-commerce, a number of special line logistics enterprises rising in the current market have also developed more than ten tons and dozens of tons of cargo in the last two years. These large volume business will also account for the current aviation resources.

With the rapid growth of railway transportation, sellers can choose more logistics channels.

Of course, cross border sellers in the choice of logistics channels, also according to their own conditions, reasonable multi-channel collocation, such as small package with special line, air transportation with sea, and even transnational railway transportation.

"We started the layout of the railway seven or eight years ago, and by the end of last year, there were about six flights a week between Europe and China." Liang Qiyuan said.

It is understood that the DHL railway transport service covers Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Suzhou and other cities, and westward to Poland and Germany, so as to connect the whole of Europe and even to Britain. Through the way of railway transportation + sea transportation and railway transportation + truck transportation, it can also go directly from Europe to ASEAN, South Asia, East Asia and other countries.

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