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Chinese sellers laugh, Americans are not happy! E charge rate low provoking dispute

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Chinese sellers laugh, Americans are not happy! E charge rate low provoking dispute

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Foreign media reported recently that the new freight rate in 2016 came into effect on Sunday. The special rates offered by the United States Post to China Post and other Asia post have angered some local sellers, because the freight sent to the United States by Chinese sellers is lower than the cost of freight costs by domestic sellers.

An American seller asked, "how much is the 12 oz. E postal parcel from Beijing to Losangeles? I bet it's lower than the cost of parcel transportation to the next street. That's the problem! "

The US Post said in October, "the countries and regions that have reached the E postal agreement with the US postal service include China, China, Hongkong and South Korea. We can not disclose the rate information, because it involves business sensitive information of the US postal service and foreign postal service. " After that, only a link to the page of China Post was given.

E postal treasure

Internet Retailer released a shipping chart last week. It is understood that Chinese sellers sent 1.8 ounces of parcels to the United States through the E mail, with a freight rate of $5, 7-10 days in order and the basic information to be traced. If you send the China Post air bag, the freight cost is $2, and the 2-5 day is appropriate. There is no tracking information. FedEx, DHL or UPS can track specific information, and the shipping cost is $40.

In June last year, Amazon complained to the congressional committee about the rate of E postal treasure. The leading cause of different rates is terminal fees. The U. S. Post said it tried to negotiate with China on the E postal freight problem, but the effect was not obvious because China could give up bilateral agreements at any time to turn the rate back to its more favourable terminal rate for the League of nations.

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