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Southeast Asia Logistics delays reappear, US Customs strengthens international E postal treasure clearance

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Southeast Asia Logistics delays reappear, US Customs strengthens international E postal treasure clearance

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Recently, many Southeast Asian countries have delayed logistics packages for various reasons, and logistics recovery time has yet to be determined. The details of the specific delay are as follows:

1, September 4th for Surabaya, Indonesia (SURABAYA), customs clearance operation center changed to Jakarta. Affected by this, the clearance and delivery time for shipment to the area will be delayed. Recovery to be notified!

2, as a Bangladesh opposition party strongly protested the country's death penalty for war criminals, the alarm has been raised. Affected by this, there will be delays in the issuance of documents and parcels clearance and transfer to the country. Recovery to be notified!

International E post

On the other hand, the Chicago customs of the United States has recently strengthened the review of International E postal clearance, and the e postal treasure sent to Chicago must be checked by item. Affected by this, the mail sent to the area has been extended over time. It is understood that the Chicago customs inspection is due to the previous period of time, the United States Post and Chicago customs have repeatedly found that customers have used the international e mail channels to mail prohibited items.

It is reported that the international e mail service providers have communicated with the US postal service and the customs of the countries concerned.

In addition, in order to ensure the service time limit for e postal treasure, the e mail barbore forbids sellers to send tobacco, plant seeds, living bodies, counterfeit license, counterfeit and shoddy goods, powder, liquid goods, unidentified drugs, drugs and customs prohibited by e mail, and prohibited other dangerous goods and prohibited goods.

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