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Watch out for the season! E mail sorting code and bar code that can not be ignored

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Watch out for the season! E mail sorting code and bar code that can not be ignored

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In the recent sorting process of the International E postal mail, China Post found that a large number of sorting codes are printed on the mail surface of the United States, Russia, Canada and Australia. It is not consistent with the correct sorting code that the addressee should be able to match with the addressee of the addressee. It has caused the work of the automatic sorting system of China Post. Exceptions require manual sorting for two times, and mail will also be erroneous sorting when mail is sent to the country.

It is also understood that China Post also found that in the e mail list sent to the United States, the barcode of the addressee's postcode is not consistent with the mails provided by the sender, and it also has a certain influence on the sorting of the United States Post.

It is reported that to a certain extent, the above situation will cause the whole time limit of sender mail to be extended. Therefore, Hugo network reminding the sender, as soon as possible to check, such as the problem of sorting code error and zip code mismatch, as soon as possible adjustment, processing (using third party ERP software printing face list customers, must contact ERP supplier; self write the program customer, please check self).

It is understood that the international e mail sorting code rules are as follows:

E postal treasure

E postal treasure

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