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Why is the price of international small packets rising?

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Why is the price of international small packets rising?

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The price of international small bag is rising, and the small and medium-sized sale is affected greatly

According to the previous report, the price of the international package will be significantly increased, in which the registration fee, from the previous 8 yuan has risen by more than 10 yuan or even more than 20 yuan of the host country is not in the minority. This change has a greater impact on sellers who weigh more than 100-200 grams.

According to the relevant requirements of a group of enterprises, "according to the relevant requirements of the WG, it is expected to start from February, the national international package will adjust the tariff, which is expected to increase over 10%, the average increase in parcel prices is above 50%, and the increase in different road prices is different..."

International package

As early as July 2017, the CharlesFaulkner of the Legislative Affairs Bureau of the United States State Department revealed: "since January 1, 2018, the postage for the largest number of U.S. courier packets will increase by 13% over the same period."

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) currently has nearly 200 member states, opening a conference every four years, and its low terminal fee is to enable some foreign companies to send express packages to American consumers with extremely low express fees, making these foreign sellers more advantageous than domestic sellers.

Hugo network learned that the international packet postage increases affected by the greater impact or direct mail based small sellers, large sellers have basically selected the online delivery or through the overseas warehouse delivery, the impact is not much.

In other words, this means that when the price competition is intense, the cost of selling is higher, and the profit space is less. It is no wonder that small and medium-sized sellers Tucao: "high freight rates are not appropriate, can you feel secure in the new year?"

And the big seller, because of the early layout, the scientific integration of the logistics channels, is not a bad heart, a "eat melon" sell out: "up well, compression of China's manpower and material costs to please foreigners, why? Pay more attention to the domestic market, or export some high value-added products! "

International package

 Behind the rise in the price of international small packets, we need to know why.


There is no doubt that the international small package, as a strong logistics support for cross-border e-commerce, is welcomed by cross-border e-commerce sellers because of its low price and wide coverage.

First, the postal packet channel is currently the main force of cross-border e-commerce direct delivery logistics mode. The biggest advantage of this channel lies in its low freight rate, and the low tax rate in the process of customs clearance is very suitable for the logistics demand of the cross border electricity supplier's fragmentation orders.

Second, the reason why the postal packet mode is cheap is that it relies on the Universal Postal Union's contract system. In the universal postal union system, China once belonged to the classification of less developed countries, enjoyed a certain rate of discount, and correspondingly paid less.

Thirdly, with the development of cross-border e-commerce and the surge in the quantity of goods in postal channels, most of the European and American countries have lost their losses, and most of the ecommerce parcels flowing into European and American countries are from Chinese sellers.

Fourthly, it is understood that the Wanguo Postal Union had met many times before it asked China to take more fees and adjust the membership grade of China, and abolished the previous preferential rates. China Post was the first to increase the price, and other parts of the country's foreign mail was also on the rise.

Wang Yongqiang said that the price rise of the international package is long-term, not a short-term price rise. After the rise, the foreign post prices and China Post prices in some developed countries will be fully raised, and the postal agent model will usher in a big shuffle.

 How should small sellers respond to the increase in international packet prices?

According to the problem of the increase of postage in international packet, where should the small and medium-sized sellers go?

The industry suggests that early production strategy can be adopted to set aside more channels for screening. "When you don't get ready to get ready," he explained, "when you're not ready to get ready to get the goods ready, the international package is just a need, and you have to bear the cost of the logistics; but if you have enough time to compare the price, and better choose the less rising logistics, then the cost of the price increases. There will be a lot less. " From this we can think that for small and medium-sized sellers, changing the mode of delivery is very important.

In addition, "cross border e-commerce vendors must evaluate supplier qualification, cargo safety and timeliness before choosing logistics providers." Amazon Fannie frankly said, for different stages of development and sales of different goods sellers, should be a comprehensive balance of the advantages and disadvantages of various logistics methods, both to consider the cost, but also to take into account the benefits, the choice of their own services is the most important.

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