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How should the seller get the FBA compensation?

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How should the seller get the FBA compensation?

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It is also a year of peak sales season, Amazon sellers in the preparations for Halloween, Christmas, black Friday, and many other year-end holidays, except the operation, selection and other inherent problems, the return of the peak season logistics, return also become a large number of sellers in the pain of the heart thorn, how to deal with the Amazon FBA return situation? Is there any specific compensation for the returned seller?


What about the Amazon FBA return process?

As we all know, Amason, designed for the Amason platform seller to complete the platform product inventory directly through the system to Amason's local FBA warehouse self delivery mode, its main return operation process includes:

1, after the buyer completes the "return application" submission, the seller can inquire about the specific order goods and details in the background of the "management return".

2, the seller can deal with the buyer's return application according to the specific provisions of the Amazon product return policy.

3, if the seller closes the buyer's application for return, Amazon will inform the buyer of the reason why the buyer is closed.

4, if there is an approved return application, Amazon will send the seller's return address to the buyer in the form of mail.

5, when the seller receives the returned goods, he completes the "management return" or "management order" page operation and formally completes the order refund.

Several cases of FBA order return

Presumably Amazon sellers have a feeling, facing the full phenomenon of year-end logistics, Amazon FBA provides convenient logistics delivery services for the platform sellers, but also because the specific platform rules allow many sellers to be confused with the FBA order: how to deal with the buyer's request for the return of the Amazon FBA order? What are the sellers' actual compensation?

In response to the above problem, K, a product seller of Amazon's 3C electronics, said that Amazon will assess whether each return goods are "available" to return to the Amazon operations center. If there is any damage or defect, the Amazon platform will assess the cause of the damage on the basis of the actual situation and judge whether the seller is in compliance with the claim.

According to the communication between the seller K and the customers of the Amazon platform, the goods will be classified as "non - available" once the goods are not in conformity with the status or condition of the goods released before, and mainly include defective, damaged, lack of required labels, prohibited goods or other things. Goods that are not suitable for sale also include dangerous goods that may pose a threat to health and life safety at the Amazon operation center; for this "unsold" commodity, the Amazon platform will require the seller to hand over the removal order within 30 days after the return of the goods to the Amazon operation center, of course the seller. These unsold stocks can also be automatically discarded; when there are security risks, health risks, or liability risks, goods that need to be discarded and need to be discarded immediately include inventory of controlled dangerous goods, broken glass, open personal care and sexual health goods, consumer goods, and consumer goods. Goods, bedding, mother and baby products with shelf life.

Refunds and indemnity details under the buyer's return

Some sellers who have received a buyer's return do not have to panic. The seller, K, confessed that if the goods were lost or damaged during the Amazon's administration, Amazon would get the compensation for the refund of the logistics order, and Amazon officials would generally take it if there was not enough damage to the liability to calculate the amount of the goods. The default compensation for specific classification is made for compensation.

In this case, if the seller has returned the related refund to the buyer, but the return goods are not returned to the Amazon operation center in 45 days after the refund, in this case, the Amazon will charge the seller from the buyer, and if the buyer returns to the Amazon operation successfully within the 45 days of the set. Amazonian, Amazon judges the goods on sale, and the Amazon platform will replace the goods in the seller's stock without any compensation; if the return is not available and the imputation is in the Amazon, Amazon will compensate the seller and will not add it to the seller's stock. In addition, the Amazon customer service personnel Zheng said, for the seller directly to the buyer of any refund, Amazon will not pay any compensation to the seller on this, please the seller to know.

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