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How to avoid the "FBA" of cross border logistics and delivery effectively?

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How to avoid the "FBA" of cross border logistics and delivery effectively?

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The vast majority of cross-border e-commerce vendors are small and medium-sized sellers, especially Chinese sellers, most of them start from several people. The lack of funds and less talent is common. The purchase, operation, promotion, payment, logistics and so on are all involved. Learning from experience, you can only swallow your stomach when you eat.

Among them, the logistics aspects of the loss of the most, the goods did not arrive on time, buckle the customs, goods lost, and again, when the goods are not reliable after the goods receive the goods after the price, and then add a variety of costs, is not nothing, all kinds of perilous, only e-commerce sellers know themselves.

So how can we avoid all kinds of holes in the logistics, and let the goods arrive at the destination safely and punctually?

First of all, we need to find a reliable logistics provider.

These words seem very simple, but it still takes a lot of time and effort to do it.

I believe there are many small partners on this point, there are many very profound experience. I think the longest way is probably the way of freight forwarders.

The so-called FBA delivery forms in the market include direct delivery, double clearing, double clearing, and railway double clearing tax. With two countries in Britain and Germany, the rules of tax collection on e-commerce platform goods are becoming more and more strict. The market has also appeared in the UK and Germany as a result of VAT clearance.

A good logistics provider will recommend the right channel to you on the basis of your requirements for the time and cost, so that you can save the freight, and the goods will arrive at the Amazon warehouse on time. And bad logistics providers, naturally, what route you have on hand recommend you to go, regardless of circumstances and needs, there will always be only one solution.

Secondly, it is necessary to compare the price and service of suppliers with different advantages, the price is better than the three ones, and the best delivery is.

The FBA delivery mentioned above has different route advantages for different banker. Some transshipment time is fast, but the price is relatively high. Some are cheap, but the transfer time is slightly slower.

Some are particularly advantageous, and some are particularly advantageous in the European line. According to their own market, different logistics suppliers should be screened, screened and tried so as to know which one is suitable for you.

Take the Shenzhen market as an example, the so-called international freight forwarding companies also have more than 5000, not all the agents are banker, many times, the underneath the small agency is helping you to receive goods and goods.

To put it plainly, low prices are not necessarily traps; high prices do not necessarily mean safe and reliable services.

If the whole freight market is relatively weak, the airline or the agency needs a certain amount of goods to support them to continue to operate, and they need to receive the goods on the market at a price lower than the cost, and the cost of the delivery will naturally be low. But if you don't stay in this line, you won't know the tricks, the news is not so smart, what the price is, what the price is, it's passive.

Therefore, on the basis of finding a qualified and honest logistics supplier, the price is even more than three, which is particularly important.

As for the two points mentioned above, it is difficult for a professional logistics worker before. After all, sellers are very busy and can not stare at shipments every day. Now it is different, there is a professional logistics price comparison platform, before shipment directly inquires about price aging, all programs at a glance. For example, "naughty route", this platform itself has set up the market with different advantages in the house price, can be searched according to its own needs and multidimensional, to get the best plan for delivery.

The important thing is that when the market price is floating and the market is low, when you search, you will certainly know the first time and enjoy the good price and service, and avoid the risk of trying to find out the different logistics suppliers. It's easy to save.

Again, according to their sales cycle and market development needs, for the express straight hair, air, Shanghai, railway all kinds of delivery channels with the use of.

The goods were shipped from the Chinese side to the Amazon, and the goods were sold faster than expected. The goods were sold out quickly by express delivery.

Is expected to have better sales in the middle, in the delivery of the express at the same time a part of the middle of the empty sent, a good time, the express part is almost sold out, the empty goods are also almost into the warehouse.

At the same time, the big goods are also shipped by sea, and the goods sold by the air are sold out, and the goods shipped by sea are almost in the warehouse. That is to say, most of the most of the goods are in the process of transportation, not only in time of replenishment, but also in the surplus storage fee, which is the most reasonable state.

All the goods generation companies are to make money for the ultimate goal, but there are many ways, when your volume is not very large, for him can not be without the situation, everything will appear very weak, so a lot of time, super sale did not encounter things, small and medium sellers often meet.

There is no shortage of low price logistics providers in the market. In order to get the volume, you may be quoted at a lower price, which will attract you to deliver the goods.

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