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Amazon FBA light program participation conditions, rates and advantages

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Amazon FBA light program participation conditions, rates and advantages

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In the previous chapter, I talked about a lot of current Amazon low price sellers. Listing was hit by the logo of Add-on Item. With this logo, a user must buy $25 to buy a list, which inevitably leads to a considerable number of users discarded and choose to buy other sellers' products. Click to see "Amazon's low price product is identified as Add-on Item". How should the seller respond?

But for sellers who sell low priced products, Amazon will also offer an option that is limited by the amount of 25 dollar order, that is, the FBA Small and Light Program (FBA).

Specifically, the first thing we should know about the FBA light and small plan is its scope of application. Amazon has the following requirements for products that can participate in the FBA light program:

1. commodity price: not more than 15 dollars;

2. commodity size: no more than 16 x 9 x 4 inches (about 40*22*10CM);

3. the weight of the goods is not more than 15 ounces (about 425g);

Only those products that meet the above requirements can participate in the Amazon FBA light program.

Of course, while taking part in the light small plan can directly result from the Add-on Item clause, the other benefit is to take part in the FBA light program, which has a lower rate than the normal FBA rate, which means that if a commodity takes part in the FBA light plan, the seller's profit rate at the same price is at the same price. It will be higher. For the FBA rate of participating in the light and small scheme, Amazon gives examples as follows:


It's not hard to find out that, by comparing the FBA rates of normal goods and taking part in small and small planned goods, it is not difficult to find that the total cost of the Amazon is cheaper than the total cost of taking part in the light and small programs. Of course, how much cheaper it can be. One depends on the actual price of your product, and two depends on the actual weight of your product.

Now, let's take a look at Amazon's own example. Let's look at the difference.


For a product with a price of $4.99, a product with a weight of 28g, if a small plan is used, when a customer buys a product, your FBA cost can save $0.64 compared to the normal FBA delivery; the cost can be saved to $6.4 if the customer buys 5 pieces at the same time. From this point of view, only one item, the savings can raise the profit margin by a lot of percentage points.

But after all, 28g has fewer products. If the product is slightly heavier and the price is slightly higher, how much can we save? Amazon also gives a comparison:


For an example of 3.3 ounces (about 93g), for example, the price is $7.5, and the light, small plan delivery can save $0.22 than the normal FBA delivery, and if the weight of the goods is raised to 4.3 ounces (about 121g), the price is still $7.5, and if the customer has bought 5 items at one time, it can save $4.55.

By contrast, even if the product is heavy and the price is high, the use of light and small plans can also save a lot.

Then, what is the difference between the product of light and small schemes and product display and exposure? Will it affect sales? It's almost impossible.

Because the same product is delivered by FBA, the Listing will also have a Prime logo on it. Compared to the ordinary Prime logo, the goods in the light small plan will be followed by a 4-5 day reminder of the delivery prescription after the Prime logo, such as the following comparison diagram:


In the light of small products, customers' needs are generally not too urgent, on the other hand, the 4-5 day delivery time is also acceptable to most consumers, so it can be said that such signs have little impact on sales.

To sum up, for sellers who are selling low price + weight and small volume, in order to avoid their products being added to Add-on Item, in order to be able to increase a little profit at the current price, consider Amazon's FBA light and small plan.

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