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South American cross-border e-commerce blue sea prospects are unlimited

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South American cross-border e-commerce blue sea prospects are unlimited

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In Japan, North America, Europe and other more mature e-commerce market, whether the sellers enter or the private competition in the platform market, the fierce competition is making many sellers get out of the high risk and seek a new way to seek the opportunities for the development of the emerging market.

Which, including Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and other countries, such as Latin America, what are the excellent platform for e-commerce? What are their respective market developments?

Mercadolibre: Multi Country, multi class, market share is the champion.

In 1999, Marcos Galperin (Marcos Galperin) founded Mercadolibre in Uruguay, and the company was listed on NASDAQ in 2007. The main business ranges from 19 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, which are the world's seventh The retail website, known as the South American version of eBay.

Cross-border E-commerce

It is reported that in a survey of foreign media data, as of June 2017, Latin American sellers dispersed in Mercadolibre, self built stations, Alibaba, Amazon, OLX, Facebook and eBay and other cross-border e-commerce platforms to sell products. The data showed that more than 50% of Latin American sellers sold at least 1 e-commerce platforms, and 20% sold them. The family sells on 2 or more platforms, and the seller who uses the Mercadolibre platform sells the most. As far as Mexico site is concerned, the browsing of Mercadolibre is as high as more than 8 million; the hot marketing category of the platform mainly includes electronics and accessories, mobile phones, fashion, home gardening, sporting goods and auto accessories.

Amason: continuous efforts, step by step to achieve the same level with MercadoLibre

Not limited to North America, Europe, Japan, and newly launched Australian sites, Amazon's exploration of Latin America has also completed its preliminary layout with the aid of Mexico. According to survey data from Euromonitor International, the annual revenue of Amazon's Mexico site is expected to grow by 106% annually in 2017, and the value of up to $502 million will be expected to exceed the current leading e-commerce platform, MercadoLibre, in Mexico.

In addition, the agency's data also showed that retail sales in Mexico have increased by 4 times in the past 5 years, are expected to double by 2020; the Amazon's Mexico site is still growing, and more than 20 thousand of domestic and international sellers in 2016 provide more than 50 million commodities for Mexico customers; from Asia The related transactions of the Mexico site, including clothing accessories, sports health products, 3C electronic products, home appliances and toys and entertainment products, are more popular.

WAL-MART, Alibaba: focus on the layout of electronic business infrastructure

According to European international report, WAL-MART Mexico station in 2017 is expected to revenue of $490 million in MercadoLibre, Amazon Mexico station, after third. At the end of 2016, the U.S. media said WAL-MART Mexico announced that it would invest 1 billion 300 million US dollars in Mexico to improve the cross-border e-commerce of WAL-MART in Mexico. Logistics services are mainly related to WAL-MART's electricity supplier operation and physical distribution of new distribution centers, expansion and renewal of its existing logistics facilities.

Similarly, in September 2017, the Alibaba also formally announced a cooperation agreement with the Mexico government. The Mexico government also tried to use Alibaba's trading platform to cooperate with the e-commerce business of Chinese enterprises, and to strengthen the e-commerce and cross-border trade knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises in Mexico.

Linio: eight independent sites, directly covering 500 million of Latin American consumer groups.

Linio, which started in Latin American markets in 2012, is headquartered in Mexico, and has already owned 8 countries in Latin America, including Mexico, Columbia, intelligence, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela, mainly in Latin American Spanish speaking areas, and more than 500 million of consumers. .

According to Race, the Linio investment manager, Linio has been working for 6 years in Latin America. Among the more than 500 million of the above consumers, 60% of the consumers are online shopping through Linio, increasing network coverage and the popularity of mobile phone clients, making the cross-border e-commerce in Latin America the blue sea The spread has become one of the fastest growing regions in the world, with immeasurable market potential. In addition, in terms of the hot marketing category of the platform, Race also admits that in all the categories of the Linio platform, some 3C categories, such as smart phones and tablets, are more obvious on the platform, and the products such as healthy and beautiful makeup are the same as in 2016. The period achieved a significant increase of 10 times, among which fashion products including clothing accessories, bags, watches and perfume have achieved an explosive growth of up to 12 times.

EBay: exploit the force of Mercadolibre to open up the new world of Latin America

Since eBay announced the new market in South America, as of now, eBay has set up eBay official stores on the Mercadolibre (MELI) platform in Chile and Columbia, and the Chinese sellers can quickly and safely deliver the seller's goods to the consumers with the help of the transport mode.

It is reported that the sellers in eBay Latin America station have good performance, and they require the sellers to use the American overseas barn or the express delivery scheme in the Greater China area to the United States. In addition, the cooperative Mercadolibre also has an automatic detection system. Once the seller does have the phenomenon of fraud and sale, the system will automatically If sellers are shielded, sellers will not be able to sell on Mercadolibre.

El Puerto de Liverpool: online and offline two-way development, online shopping products do not need to pay postage.

In 1847, the French Jean Baptise Ebrard created El Puerto de Liverpool. In the early days of the brand, he was only a store selling clothes at the Mexico city center. In 1872, El Puerto de Liverpool began to import goods from Europe, and because most of the goods were transported through Liverpool in England, which prompted Ebrard to be in him The name of Liverpool was adopted in the store, and the number and scale of shops in Latin America continued to grow.

As one of the Mexico retail businesses in the early exploration of e-commerce, today's El Puerto de Liverpool online retail commodities are not so rich as their counterparts. Many commodities are limited to offline entity stores. It is worth paying attention to the fact that consumers do not have to pay postage at Liverpool online, but it takes more than 5 days. The time to arrive; in addition, the payment mode that only accepts credit card payment also makes Liverpool lose a large number of customers.

In the face of the above - mentioned cross-border e-commerce retail platform, some of them are determined to open up the Latin American market. In fact, they can choose different e-commerce platforms to enter. The e-commerce market in Latin America is of great potential. The market competition has not entered the fierce competition in Europe, America and Japan.

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