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The Amazon and Australia station FBA line is officially launched today

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The Amazon and Australia station FBA line is officially launched today

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In order to attract more sellers to enter Australia, Amazon will launch FBA line service for third party sellers in February 27th. Since February 27th, Amazon and Australian station sellers will be able to deliver products to Amazon's logistics center in Melbourne. The platform will deal with a series of issues such as package delivery, customer service, and return.

FBA line

Amit Mahto, head of FBA at Amazon Australia station, said the FBA special line delivery will create favorable competitive advantages for sellers.

FBA line

In the US, the average FBA cost per product is US $4-5. After that, Amazon will pick, pack, deliver, handle customer service and return products.

It is understood that the Australian station FBA fulfilment (fees fees) for small products 1.76 Australian dollars, large products (30Kg) $25.48. In addition, the warehousing fee is 19.4 Australian dollars per cubic meter in 1-9 months, and the 26.5 Australian dollars will be held in the peak season in 10-12.

Australian Koalasafe has begun to experience the FBA line. The company's co founder, Adam Mills, said it shipped FBA products at Amazon's US station 2 years ago.

Mills said: "at the very beginning, there were only two of us, and the products were shipped to 35 countries. With orders, we have to send 10-20 orders to post delivery, which is very time-consuming. Using FBA is much easier. "

Another Australian company, Gobe, also uses FBA to sell camera accessories at Amazon sites such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

Gibson said, "as a small business, there is a lot of things to do in the business and development of daily business. It's a boring job to deliver, and I'm happy to let someone else do it."

The FBA cost for Gobe to sell products to overseas is $5-7. If you use its own logistics center in Byron Bay or Australia Post, the cost of each product is $12.

Gibson said: "Australia's logistics is too expensive. If Amazon FBA maintains the same pricing model as the overseas market, it will shake the Australian third party logistics market."

Analysts say a number of new products have been put on the shelves since the Australian station was launched in December, and FBA and Prime may further shake the Australian market.

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