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The two meetings have a hot discussion on the explosive development of cross-border E-commerce

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The two meetings have a hot discussion on the explosive development of cross-border E-commerce

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NPC and CPPCC held this year, The Belt and Road, cross-border electricity has also become a hot topic of concern. The Minister of Commerce, Zijin Mountain, said that China's cross-border e-commerce scale has been the world's first, a new driving force in foreign trade development, and China became the world's largest trading country last year.

For the hot topics of the two sessions, how do Amazon think highly of Chinese sellers? What important "signals" have it released?

Cross-border E-commerce

What is Amazon's most concerned topic this year?

In a report this year by NPC and CPPCC, innovation and implementation of supply side reform, continue to promote the reform and opening up "The Belt and Road construction, become an important deployment in 2018, caused great concern in the amazon.

Advocating innovation is one of the principles adopted by Amazon. Amazon has become an innovative representative of global Internet companies, whether from products, services or business models. The same is true of the development of Amazon in China. Relying on the unique global supplier resources and cross-border logistics system, Amazon China has introduced high quality goods from all over the world to China on the one hand, and on the other hand, it helps Chinese enterprises to "go to sea" through Amazon 's "global store". This "advance" and "one out" constitute the "dual engine" of Amazon's cross-border electricity supplier strategy in China. In the future, Amazon will better explore how to bring the Amazon's global resources to China, and make the best innovation in combination with the development of the Chinese market, the needs of local consumers and the "localization" of the "global vision", which has become the way for Amazon to develop in China. At the same time, this unique cross border "double engine" innovation will undoubtedly enhance the quality concept and brand awareness of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, expand its global business and development, provide support for the supply side reform, and contribute to the development of China's economy.

Is a basic state policy China, provide the direction and path of the feasible and The Belt and Road "initiative for international cooperation. At present, great changes have taken place in the trade environment. Cross-border electricity suppliers have become an important way for Chinese enterprises to export. In 2018, Amazon's shop will as in the past to respond positively to the "The Belt and Road" initiative, the Amazon global business understanding of cross-border export electricity supplier difficulties in Chinese seller transformation based on the use of global resources and localization of Amazon's professional services to meet the diverse types of China export enterprises need to upgrade, Drive China to go out and grasp the unlimited business opportunities that the new trade era gives.

Amazon's plans and initiatives in the depth of digital and innovation implementation

There is no doubt that the deep implementation of digital and innovation is one of the issues of great concern at this year's two meetings, especially in the fields of economy, culture, education, science and technology, and poverty alleviation, which have brought a more efficient, safer and more humanized way of life for the human society.

As an important part of the global strategy, Amazon's development in China is also concerned about the deep integration of digitization and innovation. Taking Amazon's overseas business as an example, Amazon China has created an integrated transnational trans regional global economic link to achieve China and Europe and the United States and Japan through the cross-border direct mail mode of direct docking to overseas sites, the global advantages of Prime cross-border mail, and local innovation based on the actual needs of Chinese consumers. Interconnection has effectively boosted the sustainable and healthy development of China's cross-border electricity supplier industry, and has also contributed to the development of China's digital economy.

In addition, the digital silk road is the new connotation of the Internet Era "The Belt and Road", and the improvement degree of digital is one of the key points of digital silk road construction. With its unique global supplier resources and cross-border logistics system advantages, Amazon has brought Chinese consumers the rich and high-quality selection from all over the world, but also through the global store business to help Chinese enterprises go out, promote the development of export cross-border e-commerce, boost the interconnection and two-way development of the economy.

Amazon said: "the past twenty years of development, Amazon has accumulated a wealth of experience in the global e-commerce market, and we are also very willing to share with the Chinese market to help China to build a digital silk road through the world faster."

How to look at the future development environment in China?

In 2018, the important day of reform and opening 40th anniversary was ushered in. The total economic total of China is now the second in the world. This historic achievement has created a stable environment for China's market economy to encourage foreign parties and attach importance to innovation, opening opportunities for the development of foreign enterprises in China and providing favorable support.

Amazonian China, based on the wave of China's economic development, relies on Amazon's global resource advantages, dug local needs, practices local innovation, and has achieved many achievements in China. In the cross-border electricity supplier, Amazon and Amazon's overseas purchase shop this "double engine", actively respond to the "supply side structural reform" and "The Belt and Road" policy initiatives, promote the upgrading of consumption, enabling China real economy, steadily promote cross-border e-commerce development in china.

Amazon said that, because of the insight into the deep needs of Chinese consumers, Amazon has expanded Amazon's overseas stores and launched a customized Amazon Prime membership service to meet Chinese consumers' demand for quality international goods and to help the Chinese people pursue a better life.

Based on the current situation, Chinese enterprises seize the current opportunity and make four suggestions.

It is undeniable that in recent years China has realized the transformation from "catching up with the times" to "leading the times", and even in many fields has already begun to "lead the era" in the global market. As a global leader enterprise, Amazon has made the following suggestions for Chinese enterprises to seize the current opportunities:

First, we must achieve local innovation based on our own advantages. In China, Amazon has established its foothold and differentiation advantages with the development strategy of "global resources and local innovation". As an example of Amazon's overseas shopping and Prime members, Amazon's overseas stores are the first localised, multi site global store of Amazon to provide Chinese consumers with high quality international options and a more convenient cross-border shopping experience. At present, the mode of offshore shopping has been successfully copied to countries such as Mexico, India and the United Kingdom. In addition, the world's first Prime member service, which is the first to provide cross-border mail free rights and interests, has also developed rapidly in China in order to solve the problem of high shipping cost and low shipping time. The launch of the Prime project is not only a representative local innovation based on the real needs of the Chinese consumers, but also more effectively stimulates the consumer's purchase frequency and amount.

Second, taking advantage of the global economy, in response to "The Belt and Road". From the perspective of cross-border electricity supplier, "The Belt and Road" brings opportunities created enormous opportunities for Chinese exports, on the other hand, enhance the Chinese enterprise product quality, innovation and brand awareness has played a huge role in promoting. With Amazon as an example, Amazon has opened ten major overseas sites around the world to help Chinese enterprises to transform and upgrade cross-border e-commerce, to help "China make" the transformation of "world brand", and enable Chinese enterprises to continue to develop in the new trade era. At the end of 2017, Amazon innovatively proposed the "next generation trade chain" integration solution, and launched a plan to solve the problems and pain points of the new trade era, and provide a customized solution for different types of sellers, including manufacturers, traders and brands, in response to the transformation of Chinese enterprises. The development of space to expand its trade in the new mode, seize the "The Belt and Road" era of opportunities to.

Third, do not forget the beginning of the heart, return to the essence. No matter what the form is, providing quality products and good consumption experience for customers and consumers is the business essence that enterprises should bear in mind. In the era of global economy, enterprises need to have a global perspective, and they should focus on quality and commitment to consumers. As the world's leading Internet technology company, Amazon has always adhered to its pioneering spirit as an entrepreneurial company, that is, the spirit and mentality of Day 1, allowing Amazon to continue to burst into vitality, including customer evaluation, personalized recommendation, Prime membership service, subamazine cloud computing services, Kindle and so on. One of the most innovative companies in the world. All these achievements will benefit the spirit of "customer to stay" and become the most customer focused concept in the world.

What are the new initiatives of Amazon in cross-border business in the future?

It is not difficult to look back on the positive signals released by the two conferences which are conducive to the accelerated development of cross-border e-commerce. It is not difficult to see that the status of cross-border e-commerce in the national economy is increasing, and is becoming one of the core forces to promote economic globalization. Continuous policy adding represents the country's support and recognition of cross-border e-commerce, which will be more conducive to the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, and will bring more opportunities for cross-border e-commerce industries. Amazon said: "the next platform will ride this easterly wind, continue to rely on global resources to accelerate China's innovation, and promote the vigorous development of China's cross-border electricity providers."

It is understood that the cross-border strategy is one of the core strategies of the Amazon China. As the leading e-commerce enterprise in the world, Amazon has its unique advantages and core competitiveness, including the global mature and extensive supplier network, the leading cross-border logistics system and the massive global quality selection. Worry free, convenient and transparent cross-border online shopping experience.

In the future, Amazon will also take advantage of the global resource advantage and accelerate the development of cross-border e-commerce in China by accelerating local innovation. The development space of the external market will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

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