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Three minor problems of FBA may be eating your interests.

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Three minor problems of FBA may be eating your interests.

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Amazon is known to have done, the choice of FBA delivery is a very wise choice, especially for new stores, FBA is the FBA is to promote new products, seize the gold car, improve the sales of products. But with the increase in Amazon's orders, FBA will inevitably have some minor mistakes. These imperceptible errors will directly damage your interests, especially in the busy season, and the order is too large to take care of these minor problems.

Zebra supply chain of the FBA line in the United States

When you encounter the following three FBA common "pits", you should pay attention to whether your hard-earned money has been taken advantage of by Amazon.


The buyer's return is not in stock

Amazon is not like Taobao. Its return policy is to allow a customer to receive a refund before the seller returns a return product, so when you meet a customer's return, you need to pay extra attention to the customer's return. Enter "Seller Central" (seller Center) to view "Return Report" (return report). Here you can see the detailed reasons and return status of each customer's return order.

In most cases, the products returned by customers are in good condition. You can make two sales. At this time, your return report will show that "Unit Returned to Inventory" indicates that the product has been returned to the warehouse.

The zebra supply chain of the Canadian FBA line

In a few cases, because the number of returned products is more, Amazon shows that the products that have been returned to the stock are not in your stock, and you need to apply to Amazon for review at this time. The review process of this kind of problem is very complicated. Finally, it will take a long time to complete the refund or refund. Therefore, for the refund of goods with higher value, it is recommended that the seller's friends check their inventory.


Buyer did not return goods

Buyers will return products when they apply for returns, but occasionally they will forget to return them. At this time, Amazon has the responsibility to recover and return it to you. Sometimes, Amazon failed to track the whole return process completely, causing customers not to return items. If this happens, you have the right to ask Amazon to refund you.


Damage or loss of goods

The damage or loss of goods sent by FBA will be in the following situations.

1. products are damaged in the FBA Library

2.FBA warehouse center has declared lost goods

3. goods lost in the FBA warehouse for more than 30 days

4. damage and loss of the product on the way of delivery

5. Amazon cooperative operators lose their way to the warehouse.

If this happens, the refund manager will track the seller's account and make sure that the refund is made. But in some cases, for example, the loss of shipping stocks requires sellers to claim their own claims and follow up their own actions. In case of the above situation, make sure that you receive a refund smoothly.

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