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The difference between the FBA special line and the traditional four Express Express

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The difference between the FBA special line and the traditional four Express Express

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Traditional four big express FEDEX DHL UPS TNT

The FBA line is only equivalent to the choice of American Express, and there is no difference in the overall operation of goods.

The FBA line is sent by the freight forwarder to make the bill information (because the final delivery is in the United States so the bill information is the bill information of the United States), and then the cargo is selected by air export. (air transportation is the biggest link affecting the normal aging of goods, and is also the biggest link of the cost control. Airfreight collection is the main purpose of an airlift bill of lading for all the guests. The main purpose of the bill of lading is to increase profits by eating bubbles. In addition, the choice of aviation, the mainland airlines. Shenzhen. Guangzhou. Hongkong air, direct flight, and other different airlines are different from the different airlines have a great impact on the price and time limitation. So when your goods are off the line, the reason why you have not surfed the Internet is in the air transportation section. Because the market competition part of the freight forwarding companies choose to wait for goods to assemble goods or choose cheap airlines.

FBA customs clearance difference (special line clearance on my personal understanding of the market is generally used in general trade mode, so there will be certain risks in customs clearance, this is a great difference with the express delivery of our usual four is the express customs clearance single ticket goods clear, that ticket has a problem customs temporarily button that ticket. " But the special line is a combination of hundreds of goods together into an air bill of lading to do customs clearance, so there may be other goods to affect your cargo delay or other trouble.) After customs clearance, the goods will be handed over to the international express company for domestic delivery.

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