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Cross border FBA Logistics

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Cross border FBA Logistics

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Amazon FBA Europe, Japan and Canada special line, as low as 16 yuan /KG, aging 6-8 working day sign

Shen Yuan logistics first hand dealer, specializing in Europe, America, Canada, Canada, Amazon FBA head cargo transport, customs clearance and other businesses!

Amazon FBA head delivery can provide services:

1. Transport service

Provide logistics, distribution and customs clearance services to Amazon, Japan, North America and Europe.

* shipping to Japan, North America and Europe FBA solutions:

Airlift +UPS send: Amazon FBA double bag tax.

Service Introduction: Amazon double clear package tax, European double clear to the door is Holland Amsterdam airport as the support, by air transport to Holland, and then the use of UPS delivery.

Amazon double cleaning service advantage:

(1) high price, fast speed line service.

(2) the customs clearance advantage, the service adopted DDU customs clearance, in Holland centralized Customs clearance, the European transfer, no two customs clearance, to collect customs duties for customers, to avoid goods due to customs clearance or can not be paid back and produce high cost. We adopt the pre clearance mode, which is convenient and fast.

Easy operation, you only need to provide invoice for goods and packing list (strictly in accordance with our template format). There is no need to provide the VAT tax number. The service does not charge any margin or surcharge tax.

Two. Value-added services

1. It can provide transshipment service in Europe, America and Australia.

2, it can provide FBA return, bid exchange and labeling service.

3, provide overseas storage, support overseas payment of freight and other services.

4, can provide return service, foreign returned to Hongkong transport service, at the same time, can help customers to re operate cargo reissue or other processing.

Three. Why do you choose us?

1, professional: we are familiar with the Amazon FBA transport requirements, understand the problems in the transportation process, and reasonably avoid the corresponding risks, can provide assistance to foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other services, the smooth delivery of goods into the Amazon warehouse.

2, high efficiency: we receive the order data, arrange the cabin in advance, arrange the cabin in time, and make clear the customs clearance procedures and the appointment delivery time in advance.

3, intensive: we are with CA, UPS, BA, CX and OOCL, Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), UPS, DHL, and FEDEX express company with contract price, affordable price, cabin guarantee, intensive reduction of transportation cost, logistics cost Reduce customer's products in the market more competitive.

4, worry free: from the receipt to the Amazon warehouse to send the professional local Chinese tracking, and we have a professional after-sales service team in Europe and America, can solve all the problems for you! Let the customer feel comfortable, rest assured, save the heart.

5, have the strength: our overseas own warehouse:

Holland warehouse address: >Cargo Unlimited BV

>Pesetaweg 20 2153PJ Nieuw-Vennep


American warehouse address: >Global Messenger Inc.


>TEMPLE CITY, CA 91780-2103,

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