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Domestic small bag

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Domestic small bag

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Product introduction

The domestic packet is the service launched by China Post specially for the domestic light and small mail delivery market. The domestic package is a powerful supplement to the logistics service selected by the domestic platform merchants and has a certain advantage in many aspects. Domestic packets are focused on meeting the needs of all kinds of delivery in the business industry, providing personalized service to customers, implementing batch delivery, reservation and delivery, door-to-door signing, message notification in the delivery process, etc. Apart from EMS, only small domestic packages can be sent to towns and rural areas. Postal packets are handled by local post offices.

Product advantage

Affordable: the price is more competitive than EMS.

There is no blind spot in the sending area: it can send all parts of the country to the whole town and village.

Convenience of sending and receiving: convenience is similar to ordinary express, it is also delivered to the door without the need to pick up the parcel post to the post office.

Annual rest: 365 days a year without vacation, to meet holiday and other special node service needs.

Service scope

Any area of the country

Service customer

Platform customers (such as Taobao, pat, Jingdong, third party sellers, etc.);

Micro store customers;

Other customers who have domestic package needs.

Limit the goods

No air pressure (such as the gas altar);

Not to accept fragile goods;

We must abide by the postal law and its implementation rules. No cash, dangerous goods or inflammable and explosive articles should be included in the parcel.

Volume weight limit

Weight limit: one ticket one piece, single weight less than 20KG

The weight of the real weight and the volume weight is the weight of the billing, the volume weight (KG) = the length (CM) * width (CM) * (CM) /5000

Post office reference prescription

The rules of compensation

Before the post office loses a piece: do not return freight, compensate 3 times freight.

After delivery to the post office, we will lose 3 pieces of freight.

The following cases are not responsible for compensation for cross - border Interchange:

-a. damage and loss caused by force majeure such as earthquake and war.

-b. contains the damage, loss and so on of packages that have been explicitly prohibited by the cross-border transshipment.

-c. package failure, package breakage, etc.

After the loss of the parcel is confirmed or the default is lost, the claim validity period will be within 15 days from the post office, and the application for claims exceeding the validity period will not be accepted.

Part service

If the customer needs to return the goods, our company will help to communicate with the post office, but it will not guarantee the success of the fastener.

After the Internet, the shipments of the fasteners are free from the freight.

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