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Holland small bag

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Holland small bag

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Product introduction

Holland package is a cross border integrated air transport resources and Holland postal resources, in view of the cross-border e-commerce launched a "express Europe, reach the global" quick package service.

Cross border Eton is the first class agent in Holland Post China District, providing you with the best quality service at the most affordable price.

Product advantage

1. stability: Holland post, as a first-class postal service, enjoys the right of priority operation of the Universal Postal Union. In addition, Holland Post's ability to clear customs in Europe is stable. Relying on its postal clearance system, customs clearance can be completed quickly when the declaration is correct.

2. speed: delivery to our company, the next day surfing the Internet. It takes only 7-10 working days to deliver from China to major European countries.

3. low cost: no first weight, G calculation of freight. Compared to other modes of transportation (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), 1g can be mailed, billing the actual weight, simplifying the cost accounting, and helping you to save the logistics cost.

4. service excellence: all goods are sorted in our company and no longer need to be sorted after arriving in Holland, so as to improve transit time in Holland.

5. product wide: acceptable built-in battery.

Limit the goods

1. do not accept pure battery.

2. do not accept imitation cards. Once discovered, cross border Eton reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities.

3. all goods, such as drugs, powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive articles, such as drugs, powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive articles, as well as tobacco, wine, cash and negotiable securities, can not be mailed or restricted by the terms of international aviation.

Volume weight limit

4. weight limit: one ticket, one ticket. The weight of a single ticket is not 0-2KG.

5. the maximum volume limitation: the length of the package is less than 60CM, length + width + height less than 90CM.

6. minimum volume limit: surface size > 9 x 14CM.

Pay attention to customs clearance

1. must be declared truthfully. Truthful declaration can ensure that your shipment can be cleared quickly and efficiently, otherwise it may cause delay in customs clearance.

2. to declare details. Too general declaration may lead to delay in customs clearance; the name can not be named as the name of the general name of GIFT, SAMPLE, TOOL, ELECTRONICS and so on. If it causes the customs to check goods, delay or confiscate, the consequences will be borne by the issuing party.

3. if the goods are imported and imported, the relevant taxes and fees will be paid by the sender.

Main regional reference prescription

Transboundary easy access

Country of destination reference

7-10 working days of Western European countries

8-13 working days in the United States, Canada and Mexico

8-12 working days in Southeast Asia

10-17 working days in Russia, 1. customers placed orders on our website and forecast orders.

2. in the "forecast order" page, check the order that needs to be printed, and print the corresponding format in a single format corresponding to the channel.

The rules of compensation

1. lose parts before the Internet: freight free, according to the declared value, the maximum compensation is not more than RMB100/.

2. after the Internet is lost: no refund of freight, according to the declared value of compensation, the maximum compensation is not more than RMB100/ votes. No compensation is provided for plain mail.

3. the following cases are not responsible for compensation for cross - border Interchange:

-a. damage and loss caused by force majeure such as earthquake and war.

-b. contains the damage, loss and so on of packages that have been explicitly prohibited by the cross-border transshipment.

-c. package failure, package breakage, etc.

4. if the parcel is confirmed to be lost or the default is lost, the validity period of the claim is 2 months, and the claim application exceeding the validity period will not be accepted.

Part service

1. registration: refund within 180-270 days of overseas refund, detailed refund fee please consult our salesman.

2. flat mail: no return service.

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