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Belgian post

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Belgian post

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The BPost, founded in 1830, is one of the member countries of the European Union and the union of nations. It has set up a parcel transfer station in Belgium and Holland, with services throughout the entire European network.

In February 2013, Bpost held Landmark Global, a US cross-border package logistics company. With the growth trend of e-commerce market, Bpost will focus on the fastest growing Asia Pacific region.

Belgian parcel is a personalized Mini package solution launched by Bpost for the Asian electricity supplier market. At the same time, Bpost is also looking for high-quality logistics partners.

As a first tier agent of Belgian post in China, transborder Eton has been providing the best service for every customer at the most favorable price.

Product advantage

1, price advantage: Belgian flat mail parcel, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and other countries are all cheaper than Holland Ping Po bags.

2, can take battery goods: compared to some of the channels that can only take the general goods, Belgian flat mail packets can be built in, supporting battery products, more favored by e-commerce customers;

3, high efficiency, European 28 countries terminal distribution, surface mail can be traced to the destination country information;

Product requirements

Weight and volume limit: only one ticket one piece of goods, and the single weight less than 2KG; maximum volume: square goods: long + width + height less than 90cm, single side length less than 60cm. Reel cargo: two times the diameter and less than 104cm of the length, and the length of the single side is less than 90cm. Minimum volume: square goods: surface size should not be less than 9cm * 14cm scroll goods: two times the diameter plus the length of the sum of more than 17cm, unilateral length of more than 10cm.

Available products: built-in or supporting battery goods.

The declared value of goods should not exceed 22 euros, and no Chinese or "CN22" logo should be included on the list.

Articles prohibited: pure battery, fake brand goods, spray container, alcohol liquid, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxic articles, corroded articles, counterfeit notes, drugs, dry ice.

Fuyong airport pick up time: 18:00 (cargo from airport connecting to Bantian operation)

Bantian pick up time: 22:00 (Saturday only shipment, shipment on Sunday)

Notice of delivery: please put the single number on the front side of the goods before delivery, and post the delivery label on the outer bag after the bag, indicating the name of the company, the way of the goods, the number of goods and the total weight of the goods.

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