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Central Asia and Central Asian classes are developing rapidly

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Central Asia and Central Asian classes are developing rapidly

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In early 2017, a number of cities proposed a "double capacity" plan. In January 1, 2017, the X8024/X8065 Central European train (Yiwu London), loaded with all kinds of goods, was launched from Yiwu west station to London. Central Europe will first cross the English Channel and arrive at the British Isles. On the same morning, in 2017, the first Xi'an - Moscow Central and European train from the new railway station of Xi'an Railway Administration Xi'an west station headed for Moscow, Russia. According to the industry, China and Europe have developed rapidly since the first opening in 2011. Especially in the last two years, the range of radiation has expanded rapidly, the category of goods is gradually expanded, and the quality of the opening is greatly improved. Although the world economy is in a downturn and the growth of China's foreign trade is slowing down, the development of China Europe class has not stagnated, instead it has developed vigorously against the economic situation, showing its unique competitiveness. It is expected that in 2017, the Central Asian and European Central Asian trains will achieve greater results at the original level.

"The Belt and Road" strategy will continue to promote the development of China EU trains. The biggest beneficiary is The Belt and Road "strategic central trains", is The Belt and Road "strategy of active practitioner. China and Europe must seize this strategic opportunity to achieve rapid development. In May 2017, "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum will be held in China, the leaders of many countries have confirmed their attendance, Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and other regions have representative, reflecting the international community attention and support to the forum and the" The Belt and Road construction. This pageant will promote the construction of The Belt and Road "faster development, provides an excellent opportunity for the rapid development of EU China trains.

Our government will remain a strong supporter of central Europe and Central Asia. October 8, 2016, to promote the "The Belt and Road construction work leading group office issued a" plan for the construction and development of central trains (2016-2020 years) "proposed that by 2020, the basic form a rational layout, facilities, traffic is stable, convenient and efficient, safe and smooth central trains comprehensive service system; central trains train Around 5000 columns, brand influence has been greatly improved. The plan puts forward a series of policies and measures to promote the healthy and orderly development of Chinese and European classes from 5 aspects, such as organizational leadership, external coordination, capital investment, policy support and scientific and technological innovation. The plan requires that, on the basis of multilateral and market-oriented rules, the Asian infrastructure investment banks, silk road funds and other financial institutions should be used to support the central and European Railway channels and node construction within the specified scope of business. We should give full play to the role of various investment and financing funds, encourage domestic fund institutions to "go out", and support the construction of China and Europe in the way of equity investment and debt financing. Attracting social capital investment and encouraging railway, local and enterprises to jointly invest in construction and share investment returns.

The plan puts forward policies such as increasing land and other policies to ensure construction sites such as passageways and hubs. We should implement relevant tax policies, implement relevant tax agreements, clean up unregulated port charges, increase support for the construction and operation of ports such as ara mountain pass and Huoerguosi, and ensure the normal construction and operation of the ports.

The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of transportation and other ministries and other ministries and commissions include the relevant issues in China and Europe into bilateral multilateral investment, trade, diplomacy, transportation and other consultative mechanisms in China and the countries along the line. The next step, to promote the "The Belt and Road construction leading group office will actively play the role of overall coordination, increase the departments and local government communication and coordination efforts, strengthen the" planning "the implementation of the follow-up analysis and supervision and inspection, to ensure that all tasks are implemented.

The economic and trade relations between China and Central Asia and Europe are still rising. In January 9, 2017, Erlan Harlin, director of the Kazakhstan Institute of strategic research, said in an interview with a reporter from the htong Society: "in 2017, China's investment in Central Asia will continue to grow, keeping the growth in the past few years unchanged. In 2017, China and Kazakhstan will jointly launch 12 large-scale cooperation projects. The implementation of these projects will drive the rapid development of trade and logistics industry in China and Central Asian countries.

According to statistics from China's Ministry of Commerce, the 28 EU's actual investment in China in 2016 increased by 41.3% over the same period last year. China EU economic and trade cooperation has a solid foundation and broad prospects. The website of the Ministry of Commerce in February 6, 2017 2017 issued a document that the Ministry of Commerce will focus on the layout of The Belt and Road construction, continue to actively promote the development of China EU strategic docking, deepening pragmatic cooperation of China EU economic and trade, properly handle trade frictions and differences, for the construction of China EU peace, growth, reform, four people with close civilization " The Department continues to work hard. There is no doubt that stable economic and trade development between China and Europe will provide an endless impetus and source for the development of China EU ban.

The Railway Corporation will deepen cooperation with all the other countries' railways on the basis of the rapid development of China EU trains. In 2017, the Railway General Company will promote the rapid development of the international railway transport channel between China and Europe, and jointly build a safe and smooth and convenient transportation channel of central Europe. It will promote the coordinated development of the infrastructure of railway segments along the channel, improve the technical standards of the line, improve its transport capacity and capacity. The railways will deepen cooperation between China and Europe, optimize the existing line plan and set up a new opening plan, and expand the scope of the opening of the central European train.

Customs will give special care to customs clearance in Central Europe, and speed up customs clearance. In 2017, Manchuria, Alashankou, Erenhot and other ports will speed up the inspection of China Europe class trains, and the fastest time will be four hours.

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