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Israeli goods receive only 7 digit postal codes

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Israeli goods receive only 7 digit postal codes

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Israel post announced that the zip code of Israel will be changed from 5 digits to 7 digits, and will take effect from July 1, 2017. All the goods sent to Israel on that date will only receive 7 digit zip codes. Israel post code, where Israel post code inquires, we have arranged the postal code of every city in Israel.

According to the DHL notification from Hongkong, Israel's shipment must be shipped by the new 7 digit zip code from July 1, 2017.

How many digits is Israel post? It was made up of 5 digits before 2013, the Israeli postal code: 21012. Later, the number of postcode numbers in Israel was changed from 5 to 7. Israeli ZIP format: 7721012.

The number from left to right indicates the distribution area of mail from large to small. Israel is mainly divided into Jerusalem district (Jerusalem), northern region (Nazareth), Haifa district (Haifa), central region (Ramla), Tel Aviv district (Tel Aviv), and southern region (Beersheba).

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