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Chen Jialiang: how to grasp the "logistics industry The Belt and Road" opportunities

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Chen Jialiang: how to grasp the "logistics industry The Belt and Road" opportunities

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In the fall of 2017, US President Xi Jinping first proposed the "distance The Belt and Road" initiative for 4 years. "Belt and Road Initiative" is Chinese slow recovery in the international economic situation, take the initiative to seek win-win plans for breaking the road. In the past 4 years, policies, facilities, trade, capital and people's hearts have been constantly connected, and a booming regional economy has been sketched out. In 2016, Chinese and The Belt and Road along the country's import and export volume reached US $953 billion 590 million.

Huge volume of trade is bound to support the same pattern of logistics industry, so that trade flows unimpeded and resource efficiency continues to improve. How to participate in the "The Belt and Road" initiative, each logistics enterprises need to think about the question.

His proposals are summarized as follows:

Integrating transportation network layout into regional economy

How will its transportation network layout and the city "build logistics hub" vision is linked should eventually help local logistics enterprises, customers into the "The Belt and Road economy".

Taking the air transport network as an example, the air transport network supports the enterprise to plan the allocation of resources in the context of multilateral trade through the connection of the global region and carry out business in the international market.

Logistics companies can consider their mature international aviation hub networks and the domestic transport networks of these cities to meet their growing international logistics demand by providing a mature international shipping route. This model not only solves the lack of the current situation of the local international transport network, but also is a good method of practical operation, high cost, high cost, and immediate visibility.

Breaking the physical boundary with information to help customers clear customs efficiently

Due to the different origin, different, in different modes of transport, the retention phenomenon in "The Belt and Road" in the process of customs clearance has become the main factor restricting enterprises going abroad.

To grasp the "The Belt and Road initiative opportunity, logistics enterprises should have the momentum of macroeconomic policy, flexible adjustment of the clearance service consciousness. For example, in the period of "integration of regional customs clearance", many logistics enterprises grasped the dividend of this policy and timely launched the adjusted customs clearance service - interconnecting goods information, reducing the paperwork required for the customers' import and export goods, reducing the cost of personnel, time and transportation, so as to enhance the customer market. The competitive advantage of the field. The FedEx is also added, superimposing this good situation with the rich customs experience accumulated in the vertical industries, and providing the customs clearance service for different types of enterprise customers.

In July 1st this year, the national customs "customs clearance integration" mode was officially launched, which provided an unprecedented and extensive choice for enterprises in the planning of export routes.

Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises' "making contributions" to support innovation power to go out

For small and medium-sized enterprises, even if they have the core technology and innovative business model, they still stumble in the process of "going out", such as the customs clearance of the import and export, the certification, the different regulations and regulations, the financing, exchange rate, settlement and other financial problems, as well as the understanding of the customs and the commercial culture of various countries.

The key to solve these problems lies in the effective acquisition of accurate information and professional services related to information processing. Each logistics enterprise has its own advantages in management, and it can actively explore the service technology to find a real solution to the problem, which embodies the core value of the logistics service provider.

FedEx focuses on small and medium enterprise customers, provides various flexible international transport schemes to solve difficult problems such as tedious transport processes, incomplete information, or inability to clarify valuable information in numerous information, and to provide enterprises with efficient customs clearance services, including medical care, and close cooperation with the customs. Vertical industry services such as industry, individualized scheme of electric business enterprises, etc.

With the help of information and channel advantages, we can integrate the regional resources into a basket, build a "full encircling" one-stop platform for small and medium enterprises, and connect the platform to the local customs network, which will play a greater role in the acquisition of trade information, the layout of business plans, the customs clearance and other operations of the small and medium-sized enterprises.

For all the enterprises involved in the logistics industry, it is a reform worth trying to find the focus of the market, to conceive and implement the platform service for the customers and to connect with the customs information. (finish)

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