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Postal parcels, cross-border fighter jets in small business bags

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Postal parcels, cross-border fighter jets in small business bags

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A postal packet that flies directly to Europe. Holland Post Co operates in order to seize the post registration parcel channel of China Post packet market. Relying on Holland Post's postal service in Europe, the first way to Hunan Di Bi wing ESLINK Changsha to Frankfurt, Shenzhen to take the day to the whole journey only 2 days or so, 7-15 days can be sent to the whole of Europe, the speed of the rocket is simply perfect, to win the Changsha Internet Beijing Changsha postal package. The important point is that the Shenzhen Holland post packet can be delivered with batteries.

Analysis of the advantages of Holland post package:

1, you can send everything with batteries, cosmetics and other products to solve the disadvantage that the postal bags can not be shipped with batteries, cosmetics and other products.

2, Holland post small package signing rate is very high, many postal packets not properly recorded in the state of the country charged packets have a destination country signed records, to reduce the cross border dispute problem.

3, Holland post packet of more than 500 grams of heavy parcel is cheap, according to Hunan Di wing analysis, ten European countries more than 500 grams of packages cheaper than China Post.

4, the mail package to Europe for 7-10 days, ten European countries can be 7 days appropriate, can be described as cross-border electricity supplier small package of fighters, speed comparable to international express.

5. There is a risk of rising prices in the mid - packet small package, and the price of the post purse is not rising.

6. China post parcel will be storehouse in the busy season, and you can escort it with your purse. Unimpeded cross-border logistics is not a small package of Holland.

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