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Stamp bag international bag

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Stamp bag international bag

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The Holland parcel is a European shortcut business launched by ESLINK Di Bi wing and Holland Post (Spring Post), which is specially designed for cross-border e-commerce sellers. The service is based on Holland, radiation throughout Europe, relying on the network of Holland post and the customs clearance system to create high quality regional packet services: good customs clearance, quick delivery and excellent inquiry.


1. postal customs clearance:

The general line service is cleared by local customs clearance agents, with poor stability. The service is responsible for customs clearance by Holland post. It belongs to the postal clearance channel and has good stability.

2. can walk the battery product:

As long as you can provide complete and correct battery information, Holland bags can be sent out by mail, such as mobile power supply, built-in battery products, etc.

3. heavy goods have a price advantage:

In Europe, goods above 500g are more advantageous than those in the market.

4. the time of dispatch is good:

The average age of mainstream packet service in the market is usually 7-25 working days. The Holland packet will only take 5-12 working days to major European countries.

5. the tracking query is good:

European countries, such as Britain, France, Germany and Italy, can check people's names. Other countries have an appropriate record. The chase track is detailed, close to the express.

Basic freight

You can consult the price list of our sales or customer service staff separately.

Other expenses

The declared value of more than 22 euros (British pound 15) will generate tariffs and be paid by the recipient. It is suggested that the declaration is a little lower.

Post - mail country?

The service can reach 27 countries in Europe, as follows:

Austria Hungary Poland

Belgium Iceland Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira)

Czech Republic Ireland Romania

Denmark (excl. Greenland and Faroe Islands) Italy (excl. San Marino and San)

Estonia Latvia Slovenia

Finland Lithuania Spain (incl. Balearics, excl. Canary Islands)

France (excl. Andorra, incl. Monaco and Corsica) Luxembourg Sweden

Germany Switzerland Greece

Norway United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar, Channel Islands)?

Please pay attention to the contents of parentheses, where the notes in brackets can not be delivered.

Prohibited Articles

1. the embargo shall not be transported by the Wanguo.

2. do not send the prohibited goods stipulated in the laws of the country (region);

3. no goods shipped by the airline are prohibited from shipping.

For details, please refer to the "prohibited goods" column in the help center.

Volume / weight limit

1. weight limit:

The weight limit of the small parcel is 2KG;

2. volume limit: divided by 6000

Non cylindrical cargo: length + width + height less than 90CM, unilateral length less than 60CM.

Cylindrical cargo: two times diameter + length less than 104CM, unilateral length less than 90CM.

Pay attention to customs clearance

1. must be declared truthfully. Truthful declaration can ensure fast and efficient customs clearance, otherwise it may lead to delay in customs clearance.

2. to declare details. Too general declarations may lead to delays in customs clearance. For example, a blower, do not declare it as an electric appliance.

Tracking query

1. query URL:

2. note:

1, the following countries can not check receipt records: Austria, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia

2, the small packets to Poland can not be queried for information after arrival of goods in Poland.

3, if the customer requests POD, we can apply to Holland post.

Operational requirements

1. Go directly to our client to choose ESLINK- mail and do the order manually.

2, post orders can be shipped directly.

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