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European railway line

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European railway line

Take the European railway line and follow GTI to Europe.

From Changsha, Hunan and Europe began to travel to Russia and Ukraine and eventually arrived in Hungary, Budapest. This is the first time that China and Europe have passed through Ukraine, and also the first time that China and Europe have arrived in the hinterland of Europe - "the heart of Europe" Hungary.

European railway special line opening:

For a long time, many customers have transported to Europe by air and sea transportation in two ways. Airfreight takes 6 to 10 days, but the cost of shipping is too high. Shipping to Europe takes 45 to 50 days, and the cost of time is high. In order to break the shackles of the existing mode of transport on Sino EU trade development, the railway sector in response to the national policy of opening Belt and Road Initiative "New Silk Road" central railway freight trains".

Railway is another logistics solution between air and sea transportation: freight costs only half of air freight, and time shortens to 22 to 25 days. Once opened, with its comprehensive cost performance and timeliness, it has become the preferred and preferred choice for the majority of cross-border sellers in China and Europe.

Introduction to the European railway line:

The cross-border European railway line is our company to respond positively to the national "The Belt and Road" policy, and through close trains and operating companies, according to the market demand for cross-border train line selection after the opening of the product line.

European railway line

Advantages of European railway line:

1. The aging is stable. Our company has 2 fixed counters per week and starts on Friday. The fixed line, the fixed number, the fixed space and the fixed time.

2, reduce the cost of time and freight. The freight cost is only half of that by air and the time is shortened to 22-25 days.

3, the quotation contains tariffs and various procedures to avoid your customs clearance and other costs to worry about, in addition, our special railway line in the European bonded warehouse clearance, VAT and tariff, safe and reliable, effective solution to your European customs clearance problems;

4, solve the logistics bottleneck of your big cargo and heavy cargo, bring you more chances to choose products, help customers to deliver goods and goods to Europe.

5. The scope of application is wide. It can accept built-in batteries, matching batteries, acceptable textiles, etc.

6, the whole door to door services, accept the whole box, LCL business.

European Railway flight time:

Changsha -- Hungarian cloth Da page

On Monday, 18 points in Shenzhen and the train on Friday

European railway line of service:


Reference prescription for European railway line:

The European railway special line is distributed throughout the reference period: 22 to 25 days.

Service knowledge for European railway special line:

1, accept Amazon FBA warehouse address (with Team Lift label) and private warehouse address.

2, the general cargo weight 100KG from the receipt, the single piece weight is less than 45KG. The weight of real weight and volume weight is the weight of billing, and the volume is 6000.

3, must use carton packaging, and ensure that the longest edge is less than 152CM, width, height less than 75CM, (width + height) x 2+ length less than 330CM.

4, refuse imitation card, pure battery, contraband, dangerous goods.

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