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DHL express delivery

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DHL express delivery

Product introduction

DHL international express, one of the largest companies in the world, DHL is a global market leader in the logistics industry and is well known for its professional international shipping.

DHL is currently one of the most popular and safe customers in the world. It is also one of the most popular international express service providers. It has been well received by many customers.

Suitable for transporting goods with high value and high requirement.

product details

Hongkong DHLService standards
Billing weight

21KG and below: first weight 0.5KG, continuous weight 0.5KG;

Above 21KG, if there is a fractional fraction of less than 1KG, we need to carry it to the last integer kilogram.

Weight counting method

One ticket, one: weight and volume.

There are more than one ticket: gross weight, material accumulation and total weight.

Volume weight: length * width * high cm/5000

Cargo sizeThe longest side≤120CM
Service scope全球220个国家和地区
Battery cargo requirementsOnly accept the built-in battery (refer to PI967) and the single battery power does not exceed 100Wh, do not accept battery and battery.
Fuel surchargeChange monthly, please pay attention to the publication of the transboundary web site
Intercepting time12:00
Reference sign and prescription3 – 7A working day

Limit the goods

1. do not accept pure battery and button battery.

2. do not accept imitation cards. Once discovered, cross border Eton reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities.

3. all goods, such as drugs, powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive articles, such as drugs, powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive articles, as well as tobacco, wine, cash and negotiable securities, can not be mailed or restricted by the terms of international aviation.

Pay attention to customs clearance

1. the customs shall be subject to customs duties.

2. freight does not include customs duties, customs fines, warehousing, customs clearance, customs clearance, or customs clearance for the reason of the goods, or the return of the goods to the place where the goods can not be destroyed (at this time cannot be destroyed), and all expenses incurred as rejected by the addressee are refused. To pay, it is to be borne by the sender.

3. European reporting value is less than USD 27. Transaction proof is required.

4. the name of the declaration of goods should be true and concrete, the following are the common blacklists that can not be transferred: GUN (gun) ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE (electronic smoke) POWER BANK (mobile power) MAGNET (magnet) and so on.

5. common obscure names that can not be transferred: SAMPLE sample GIFT gifts, TOOLS tools DAILY NECESSITIES daily necessities ACCESSORIES accessories TOY toys, etc.

6. special certificate / customs clearance: if the sender can provide effective documents issued by the government, such as quotas, licenses, certificate of origin, inspection certificate, fumigation certificate, FDA certificate, MSDS certificate, and so on, these documents should be attached to the goods with the documents and invoices.

Tracking query

After the shipment is received at the same time, the customer can get the transfer number in our system on the next day. After handling the cargo carriers, we can track and inquire on the DHL official network. Query the URL:

Order and operation requirements

1. customers order and forecast orders on our website.

2. in the "forecast order" page, check the order that needs to be printed, and print the corresponding format in a single format corresponding to the channel.

3. customers need to wrap the packages without sharp edges and corners.

4. do not accept wooden packing, do not accept irregular packaging.

The rules of compensation

1. lose parts before the Internet: freight free, according to the declared value, the maximum compensation is not more than USD100/.

2. after the Internet is lost: no refund of freight, according to the declared value of compensation, the maximum compensation is not more than USD100/ votes.

3. the following cases are not responsible for compensation for cross - border Interchange:

-a. damage and loss caused by force majeure such as earthquake and war.

-b. contains the damage, loss and so on of packages that have been explicitly prohibited by the cross-border transshipment.

-c. package failure, package breakage, etc.

4. if the parcel is confirmed to be lost or the default is lost, the validity period of the claim is 2 months, and the claim application exceeding the validity period will not be accepted.

Part service

1. overseas retreats were returned within 30-90 days.

2. overseas returns to the mainland are reimbursed.

Other expenses

1. if the single side length is more than or equal to 120CM or the single piece of solid weight is equal to or equal to 70KG, it is necessary to add the fuel / ticket of the RMB362/ ticket +RMB362* for the month, for example, the fuel of the month is 12%, and the additional fee 362* (1+12%) =RMB405.44.

2. if the recipient's address is wrong, incomplete and other reasons can not be sent, the customer provides a new delivery address to be sent, in addition to the actual transfer costs, the need to be added to change the address fee RMB91/ ticket.

3. the goods with the following conditions are added to the special handling fee RMB724/ ticket +RMB724* per month fuel / ticket: (1) except for the special instructions of the consignor, there is a sign / text prompt unfolded goods on the outer box; the outer packing cannot bear the other goods stacked, and the cardboard goods affect the normal stacking of other goods; for example, the goods are at the same time at the same time. In case of condition, only one charge is added: RMB724/ ticket +RMB724* fuel / ticket for the month.

The 4. destination to remote areas should be added to remote area surcharge, the standard is RMB3.8/KG, the minimum charge for each ticket is RMB190/, and the additional charge for remote area must be added to the fuel surcharge, which is 3 months.

5. high risk area surcharge: destination national war, riot, strike, or terrorists, the DHL operation is at risk, the cost is added, the standard is added: RMB170/ ticket +RMB170* fuel / ticket for the month, including Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, South Sultan Syria, Yemen.

6. restricted destination surcharge: generally, the additional fee to the United Nations Security Council's trade restrictions is added to the standard: RMB250/ ticket +RMB250* fuel / ticket for the same month, involving the Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Irac, DPRK, Liberia, Libya Somalia, Sultan, Syria, Yemen.

7. since April 1, 2017, the value of the invoice declaration is more than HKD1000. When the goods are exported from Hongkong, the consignor should actively cooperate with the customs to declare the invoice to the customs, and the customs clearance fee is RMB33/.

8. since April 1, 2017, the Kazakhstan customs request that all the "parcel" goods imported to the local country must provide proof of the customs declaration of the exporting countries. Therefore, all the "parcels" sent to this country via the Hongkong DHL must be unified in Hongkong for a separate declaration, and the extension of the customs broker is RMB33/.

9. customers need to provide commercial invoices when they deliver non document express. Otherwise, we shall be authorized to declare, and we shall not bear the liability and expenses if they are closed or delayed because of the reasons for the declaration.

10. if the overseas refund is due to non DHL reasons, the refund freight and related refund fees will be paid by the sender unconditionally.

The 11. destination tariff is paid by the addressee. If the destination consignee refuses to pay the duty, the sender shall pay the customs duty and related expenses unconditionally, and the related expenses will be added within one year. The sender prepaid the duty and the recipient refused to pay the customs Commission: RMB136/.

12. after the receipt of the goods, the customer asks for the change of tariff DDP. Besides the DDP handling fee, it is also necessary to add the account receivable, change the handling fee, and RMB91/ the ticket.

13. if there are more than 5 different names for each piece of goods actually delivered or declared, more than one RMB46/ fee must be added.

14. when an import declaration is strictly required by the sender or the addressee or the local customs, the import license is authorized to be imported from the DHL for the import of a certain kind of goods, which is required to be added to the license fee RMB181/.

15. since January 1, 2017, when the sender / addressee requests the clearance of customs clearance documents to the designated clearance agent, it is necessary to add the document to the agency clearance service charge RMB91/.

16. since January 1, 2017, when the sender / recipient is required to transfer the customs clearance documents and goods to the designated clearance agent, the documents and goods should be added to the clearance service fee RMB272/.

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