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FBA head

FBA head service remark:

European UPS service countries: Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Luxemburg.

European railway line service countries:

Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Czech.

FBA head

European FBA line notes:

Our company does not undertake to check all remote addresses before sending the service providers. All fees are subject to the final notification of the service providers. If the customer wants to know whether the destination of the goods is in the remote area, please inquire on the official website of UPS. We do not notice the shipment at the time of shipment. It is valid for 3 months by UPS sheet. For additional products, please refer to our latest FBA quotation or consult our relevant colleagues.

FBA head

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