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FBA airlift

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Product introduction

Cross border easy to integrate FBA air transport, customs clearance and Native American delivery resources, tailored for the FBA sellers empty plus service. Transport your goods from China to the Amazon warehouse in the United States safely, professionally and efficiently through air transportation. Compared with courier service, the price is lower, and in the case of sufficient replenishment cycle, you can significantly reduce the head cost.

Product advantage

Air transport + local UPS delivery in the United States: double bag tax package oil

We can fly directly through the air without having to arrange the warehouse.

At least 6 flights per week

Service scope

Us FBA warehouse, US overseas warehouse and private residence can be delivered.

Limit the goods

Do not accept the following products: live goods, imitation cards, liquid, powder, food, medicine, inflammable and explosive, antique, currency, mobile power, mobile phone, electronic smoke, log products, control cutters, candles, watches, books, more than standard magnetic items, oxide and machine peroxides, weapons, ammunition, solubility. Paint, paint, and other shipments, transit places, destinations and other prohibited goods by law and American antidumping products. The goods were found to be punching or charged, and the goods were fined RMB 2000.

Volume weight limit

The weight of the single box of the goods is less than 30KG.

The volume of the volume is 6000.

The goods are charged according to the UPS of the United States.

Pay attention to customs clearance

It must be declared truthfully. Truthful declaration can ensure that your shipment can be cleared quickly and efficiently, otherwise it may cause delay in customs clearance.

The declaration is detailed. Too general declaration may lead to delay in customs clearance; the name can not be named as the name of the general name of GIFT, SAMPLE, TOOL, ELECTRONICS and so on. If it causes the customs to check goods, delay or confiscate, the consequences will be borne by the issuing party.

Inquire the customs code website:

If the goods are imported and imported, the relevant taxes and fees will be paid by the sender.

Reference prescription

Extraction of aging: 2 - 6 working days

Tracking query

Query URL:

Order and operation requirements

A single note

-a. customers list and forecast orders on our website.

-b. ticks the order to be printed on the "forecast order" page, and prints the corresponding format in a single format corresponding to the channel.

Instructions for operation

-a. all the outer boxes must be attached to China

-b. with the commercial invoice (1): including the information of the recipient, the name of the goods in Chinese and English, the customs code, the quantity, and the declaration. (2) packing list: including Chinese and English name, material and purpose, weight, quantity and size of each piece.

The rules of compensation

The loss of goods in the course of air transportation is compensated by invoice value. The maximum value is not more than USD 100/.

After UPS is extracted, the amount of UPS compensation shall be the amount, and other reasons such as delay and damage of the goods shall not be compensated.

The following cases are not responsible for compensation for cross - border Interchange:

-a. damage and loss caused by force majeure such as earthquake and war.

-b. contains the damage, loss and so on of packages that have been explicitly prohibited by the cross-border transshipment.

-c. package failure, package breakage, etc.

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