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Shenzhen trans border Yitong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (GTI) was established in 2016. The main products include China European railway line, European and American FBA line (emptiness, sea faction line), postal, postal, postal, and post, etc., fully meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce customers and become cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Trusted partners and integrated service providers for logistics solutions. The company is headquartered in Bantian, Longgang, and has branches in Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shanghai. Cross border Eton provides guests with value-added services such as professional door-to-door delivery, warehouse distribution, sorting and packaging, to meet your requirements to the greatest extent. Through the business philosophy of diligence, pragmatism, struggle and innovation, transboundary easy to take the customer's interests first as the center and provide customers with professional, efficient, safe and valuable logistics services. Striving to become the best cross border e-commerce logistics service platform for customers.

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